I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that i melted.

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SECOND TERM DAY! (FAKE HAPPY FACE) =.=  As you all may know, today is a monday. And it marks the beginning of a new term. I’ve been dreading today. Really. But what the hell. I’m left with no choice. My first Mid Year paper is in 5 weeks. Yikes. dangit. And i got wind that speech day is on the 19th or April. ekelfnweliufhawlueragwhloeua. This is madness. Preparing for the ‘reception’ after the real speech day AND exams a week later. Whoa. If i was wonder woman, i wouldnt mind. And now ESMB is taking part in NBC.  I want to take part, but its in july. and HELLO. prelims? damn. And the sec 1s? SEC 1s? My gosh. We’re gonna put ourselves to shame. But nevertheless, if they try hard enough, they COULD make the cut. Hmmm.  Anyways, this week i got 5 periods of chemistry. (kills herself)  the time table changed. Bummer. And tmr i got PE. Like wtf? This is so cheesy. Urgh. I shd stop complaining. My phone is being a bitch. Pfft. so i met del to borrow her phone just now.  So far, the days have been (fill in the blanks; to whatever you think i wanted to put here but decided not to) Happening, yet irritatingly irritating.  From today onwards i shall speak standard and good english- IN CLASS. HAHAHAHA. sucka. Lols. before i start complaining my assss off. I shd go. And do something else.  bye suckas

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