After all that’s said and done, i dont mind saying it again

Today i didnt go for band. I couldnt wake up. Sorry band. Anyway. Around 2 i went to meet iddy to go service her phone and then finish up our hmwrk. Went to nokia care and then went to find a pouch for my laptop. I finally bought a red one which cost me 14 bucks. I wanted the netted one, but it was too expensive. and they didnt have purple, so… yeah. happyhappy. after that we went to macds near the CPF building. used the internet. and i showed her somethings that i’ve been wanting to show her. after that we had lunch and did our hmwrk. ranted, bitched, gossip, laughed also. haha. watched human tetris on youtube. and silent library. after 5 hours at mac, we finally walked to tm to just walk. ahhaha. cos we were bored. then it was getting late, so i suggested that we shd go home. and bck home i went. slacking now. hahahhaa. no lifer.  cheeeers


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