Thursday morning and the sun is peeking out

Dear Sun, Its been a long time since i last saw you. I miss you, you know 🙂 Good morning fellow people! haaa. I feel kind of happy cos i finally saw the sun today! well, my guess is its gonna rain later on. but heck, i still see it. hehehe. Yesterday night the chalet was alright. the food was good too. Aniqa gave me attitude cos she refused to hug me. she ran straight to her auntie eka. (Jealousy) hahahaha. no lah. joking only. i finished up my malay hmwrk at the chalet. and i continued the karangan at home. all my essays are done. I’m just left with POA and  sciences. that shouldnt be much of a problem. I can do it! muahahahahha! LOL. Today i’m aiming to finish POA and chemistry. Yakin pasti boleh, babe! and i stayed up till 130 am ytd la. Asked kental fandi to teman me but NOOOOOO. he fell asleep. -_- now u know why i call him kental fandi? hahahaha. alrighty. i havent showered, and i’m hungry. a hungry man is an angry man. but i’m relatively happy cos i see the sun. even if its gonna be for awhile 😀 YAY SUN! hhahhaha. 


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