Dear Allah, please let it stop raining :(

so. as expected, the sun only managed to shine for about an hour or two. Then it started to pour. Sigh. I’m getting bored of the rain. I wanna be able to go out without being wet, y’know. Was supposed to meet fandi to go get his running shoes. but both of us wanted to wait for the rain to stop. And it didnt. so it ended up with me falling asleep. hahaha. Planning to go at night… But i’m not sure if mummy will allow. My guess is No, unless i have a good reason. and currently, i dono what reason to give her. Whatever it is, whether i get to go out tonight or not, I am going out tomorrow after band. And i dont care if it rains. I’ve been praying that it would stop raining so i can enjoy a day out without feeling too cold or what not. Just a normal sunny day.  Dear Allah, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it stop raining…. I miss the sun… I miss the sunrays… I miss getting sweaty cos of the heat…. I’ve been feeling too cold. Please. Amiin  Still contemplating on going out after maghrib…. catch u guys later  


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