With you

 Started the day with band. Mr Ng didnt come today. So like, what else? SLACK! hahaha. actually not really. i spent 95% of the band prac cleaning up the band store. the other 5% was spent on drills with the sec 1s and playing some old tunes on the alto saxophone. After i got back, i ate abit and prayed. Then i got readi for lunch. Yes, it has been raining. Again. TODAY. haaa. but its alright ar. didnt really ruin my plans. hehee. Supposed to meet kental fandi at 2. But in the end i waited for him like for an hour. -__________-” I almost wanted to walk off la. Hahha. Then i call2, msg2. then he say he didnt receive my msgs. Kaaannnnniinnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa. hahahahha. so i had to wait some more for 15 mins. then met him at the interchange where we bus-ed to kembangan. turns out that the shop we wanted to eat at was closed. so we ended up at geylang. HAHA. oh well. ate roti john and yeah, BATTLED THE RAIN. pfft. haha. God bless my umbrella! hahahah. he was going to town and i was going back to tampines, so we parted there. Now i’m waiting for mummy to reach home so we can go to the chalet. and i dont know where it is! kwjaenrfawkjerhwalihrlawirhalw. but just try tikam2 la. aloha loyang. and the worst part is, there isnt any wireless connection there. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WANTED TO BRING THE LAPTOP -____________-” haiz. nevermind. i’m bringing my malay hmwrk though. I wanna finish up my hmwrk so i can go out more. HAHAHA. MUST WATCH STEP UP 2. hahaha. and did i mention, kental fandi blanja-ed me today! hahahahhaha. AGAIN. cos he made me wait for him for an hour. pfft. hahah. i threatened that i dont want to friend him. Lol. k la k la. I still friend u k? hahahha. alrighty then, better get ready to go. mummy’s gonna be home any minute now. shall i bring the laptopppppp? hmmmm. still contemplating though. cos if i bring, then i can finish up my malay essay. and my literature. eventhough there is not connection to the internet. alaaahhh. just bring la. worst come to worst, if i die2 wanna use internet got MacD. Confirm have. hahahhaa. Alrighty then. I;m off, for now. Cheers, everyone 🙂  PS: Thanks for lunch! 😀


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