After miles and hours on the road, you’re the best i’ve seen

I woke up feeling sick. And i dont know why. O.o Anyway. I woke up at 9. went online. then i showered. had breakfast and fell asleep AGAIN at 12. O.o LOL weird. after which i did my math hmwrk. Algebra, done baby! ahahhaa. yeah. tmr i’m off to springfield for some bengkel till 1. I talked to shah about the feelings i was having. Felt a tad bit better. and he got irritated cos i was like making the thing seem bigger when there’s actually nth much. HAHA. sorry ar. hahaha. today was boring and dry… well, metaphorically. it was wet- literally. it has been raining since this morning. i like theΒ  cosy feeling. but its boring cos i didnt go out. didnt have any people worth my time to go out with. HAHA.

Super lazy to go springfield tmr
Its so wrong, but it feels so right.
so. what DO you do?


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