It keeps leaving me needing you. Take me away

I’m back from my short getaway. It was short, but alright i guess. we stayed at this hotel which was shaped like a ship. Dope or what?! hahaha. The ferry ride was fun. I sat on top where it was open air. I took in nature’s best. Looking out to the sea and the sky. It was great. I spent that time reflecting on what has been happening. Somehow, I’m still thinking about it. Anyways. Upon reaching Batam we had our breakfast. Then we checked into the hotel and after that the mothers went for their spa. I know. Hahhaa. SPA. ahhahaha. Anyway. they were gonna go for their spa for like 5 hrs. so meanwhile, the kids got stuck with the bapaks. and lemme tell u, it was kinda dope. HAHAA. The bapaks went go-karting. and DAMN, it was funny. the go kart was like outdated. hahaha. and the sound like so not nice. hahahaha. Daddy was the last, cos he claimed he wanted to drive relek relek. hahahaha. anyway, they looked lame with the helmets and all. Hahaha. After that we went banana boating! HAHAHAHHAHA! sial ar. I never knew i would do that at batam ah. and we didnt have spare clothes with us. So we told the boat driver not to capsize us. HAHAH. and eff! I sat in the front! My god. You had no idea how much i hated that. cos i dont like sea water. But it was damn fun ah! hahahhahhaa! we sing2 on the boat. then we scream2 like siao like that. Then we sang till it rained. LOL. sad story sia. Hahhaha. After that i forgot what we did. hahahha. i THINK we went to eat or sth. Oh well. After lunch we went back to the hotel to swim xD Ovi and i jumped into the pool. AND starting screaming our asses off. why? the water was effing cold la sia! i quickly went to the hotter pool, which was pathetic. haha. the jacuzzi was VERY hot. and the other pools were damn cold. so? hahahaha. Damn lame lor. I got bored so i went back to the room to shower. after showering i played GTA on the psp. then i fell asleep =.= after that fetched the mothers and went for seafood baby! hahaha. DAaaaaaamn it was good. i ate gong gong again! =D waaaahhh. memories. Lols. After the super awesome dinnnnnner, went back and rested. Daddy hogged the tv >=( after watching soccer (MAN U KALAH! HAHHAHAHA) he watched badminton. pfft. i gave up waiting. so i fell asleep. hahhaha.  this morning we showered, got breakfast and went to shop before heading to the ferry terminal. Here i am now, writing this post. Well. Tmr i shall start my journey to finish up my hmwrk. (screams)  See you all soon.


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