Hold your breath- cos tonight will be the night that i will fall for you over again

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade makes me melt. Haaaaaa.  Today is the last day of the term. Didnt have band. Didnt have anything on. And if today is the last day of the term means I’m a few hours away from leaving. Finally. Haha. Went home and then i had lunch. Dozed off a little. Then i went out to watch The Leap Years. Its not that bad for a local show, i have to say. Good storyline. The girl beside me was crying O.o But i, on the other hand, was literally hoping that the husband wont die. And he didnt! =D And the show really portrays real love ah. Like, waiting for someone and keeping to your promises. And it really shows how sometimes you can never get over someone eventhough how hard you try. But in this context, it was fate lah. I doubt it would happen in reality. But who knows right. Hahahhaa. It was a good show, i have to say. I mean, i cannot deny ar. It had more impact than A walk to remember. (I’m sorry i betrayed you, a walk to remember!) But seriously ah. This movie was worth it. In my opinion, the negative part is, it makes girls expect more from their boyfriends. And, it makes guys look kind of pathetic. HAHA. But dont take it seriously, love stories are like that (Winks) But on the positive side, i love it how Catherine Lim showed the meaning of real love. Real love is about waiting. Its about patience. And how much you believe in it. I watched it at Vivo. And it was my first time watching at vivo. HAHA. so JAKON lor. Lols. But anyways, i had a blast =] It was an awesome kick start to my 1 week break. And only Wahidah knows what I know that i told her and she knows. And only I know that Wahidah knows what i told her and only I know what I know And i choose only to tell her so she knows =] HAHAHA. Thanks, Iddy =] You’re the best.  I’m done packing. Wooh. Tmr’s the day. waking up at 530. O.o I think i shall watch some movies online tonight.  Till then, I feel kind of scared and happy at the same time. Its those times when u tell yourself “It’s so wrong, yet it feels so right” So, What DO you do?  PS: Thanks for the movie and the popcorn and the company and the ride, dude =]


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