Its alright, I’m okay. I think God can explain

Had sex ed today. and boy, was it BORING. The other guys were so excited cos it was about sex. -_-” guys with raging hormones. HAHA. Anyway. It stretched for 4 damn hours. My goodness. I was dying in the MM room. Haaaa. I ate too much tidbits that i didnt eat rice after i got back. Anyway, when i got back, Fandi asked if i wanted to run. HAHA. So i didnt eat that much. Got ready and headed out. Okay. I suck at running, i swear. HAHA. But i managed to run and not stop. =D achievement sey! hahahhaa. Oh well. But half way Fandi’s blister was being a bitch so we walked. Then when we wanted to reach the library there, he said he wanted to run to get the pain off. So i was given the duty of telling him that the blister was being a bitch and it aint gonna kill him. But after walking for 15 mins, i kinda got the hang of it. Then have to run again. Alermak. Hahhaa. So he ran like uber fast. -_________-” then i was like lagging SO FAR BEHIND. So embarrassing lor! Omg. Hahhahaha! but anyway mummy called so i had to pick up the phone. Hehee. In the end, i gave up and walked back to the library where he was already waiting for me. Woah it was really a work out ah. Like. Really sey. I havent been exercising. and the running made me feel sort of numb-er to all the shitty feelings i’ve been having. And some more, it was kind of cool ah today. So not that humid. I was proud of myself! HAHAHA.  I cant do chemistry. Cos i dont know how to. I’m confused with POA. Gahhh? I’m not in the zone. Dammit. Nevermind. I got a week to brush up everything i suck at. I’m beginning to prepare my stuff for saturday. Really excited- to just- Go. Go away. Go somewhere else. Where the sun shines brighter than HERE. I mean. Days have been gloomy. And not just literally. But MY days have been gloomy. But I’m blessed to have friends who make it a brighter one. Eh even though i HATE running, i felt so good after doing so. It made me stop thinking about all the shit that has been happening. And i think thats a good thing. Keep my mind off it. Alrighty then. Maybe i shd start attempting to finish up Max math. See you guys real soon. And fandi, thanks for putting up with my complaints and my MAHA slow running. HAHAHAHA. Thanks eh. I had fun =] See you guys soon. 


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