And I miss you more whenever i think about you

School was alright. Wasnt that great. Nothing to brag about. currently using the desktop in my room cos Daddy’s doing something to the laptop outside. Oh well. this will do. heh. Anyway, my songs are all in this computer so, yeah. Kinda miss listening to them. Anyway had PSL meeting after school. Okay Maybe just the excos. Clearly, everyone misses the old core we had. After shafenaz told her feelings about what she thinks of the core, all the girls nearly cried. But we stood our ground. Its so hard =( sigh.

Anyway. I went home straight after the meeting. Where i took my lunch and took a nap before watching the last part of Dirty Dancing. That show gives me the chills, man! The way they dance. Wooooh. Its all about passion. Seriously. After that i took out the guitar and strummed Linger. I’m getting better =) And i just dwlded the full version of kekasih gelapku. woah. its so heart melting man. Lols. Anything else I’d like to say…… errrrrrrr. I cant think of anything. Lols.

I’m not really okay currently. I’ve been asking people i know what to them, is sacrifice. No, not the sacrifice animals or what. Sacrifice for feelings. I’ve got almost all the same answers. Just that i dont know how I’m supposed to define it. Sometimes, they tell you to fight, and hang on for what you really want (Like Adi) But sometimes, they tell you to let go and sacrifice what you really want to see the other party happy, eventhough you’re not. For now, I’m just hanging. Taking whatever comes bit by bit. Y’know, going with the flow. Haha. 3 More days till i head off. It’s gonna be a great journey. Currently waiting for some moral support from Adi, Who doesnt seem to reply to my msgs. Lols. Nevermind. I’ll be able to hold up till tomorrow, Hopefully. Come on. Just three more days. Endure, babe. ENDURE!
hahaha. Its okay. Its okay.

And I’m also caught up in the song Moment of Truth by FM static. Daaaaamn. 
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Its almost 11. Yawn? I guess so. Tmr got PE. PE slack la. Hahhaha.
Catch you guys tmr.



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