Linger (Acoustic)

I dwlded a more authentic version of Linger (Acoustic). Still got abit of drums and tambourine and stuff, but it sounds even more acoustic than the live version. Can really hear the strummings and the chords. Pretty damn cool =] I woke up at 1030 today. Kinda late. Hehehe. But i showered as soon as i got up. Did most of my Max Maths. Eventhough i had LOADS of problems = Around 12 i got ready to go to class. Excited to meet Iddddyyyyy =D hahah cos i needed to talk to someone about what has been happening lately. And when she read the msgs she wanted to cry. Hahahhaa. You know, she’s really a friend to keep. I think its way better to have friends from other schools. Like really. both of us cant wait to graduate =] HAHA. slacked alot during class. Kinder Bueno solves all my problems xD For awhile. So when i got back, parents and i went to paragon. Alah. U know feeling feeling rich people. HAHA. Like real only ehhhh. Wanted to see if novo had nice shoes for my leave soon. But turned out that novo was no longer there =( So went to takashimaya there. Walked around. Got pretty late so went over to granny’s place. slack slack. talk talk. gossip gossip. eat eat. play play. Hahhaha. I swear Aniqa is getting naughtier. She spit her food into my bag ytd. -__________________________________-” And she played around with my pens and markers.  Aniqa: Auntie Ra! Auntie Ra! got 2! got 2!  (The marker which had 2 sides to it. onw is 0.5 another is 1.2) Auntie Ra: WAHHH. reaally, darlingggg? You go show Auntie Ovi then u keep properly okay? Thank you =] Aniqa: Okay! Omg. and she did that to me like 5 times laaaaaaaa. -__-” but even though she’s really naughty now, she still puts a smile on my face ar. she makes all the problems disappear. Like pooof. Like that. And I’m so grateful to have her as my niece cos without her, i think i wouldnt be smiling as much. Her “i love you Auntie Ra” can last me for a week.  (random) Wizzzzyyyyyyy! I want to take your motorbike!!! HHAHHAHHAH. I want to ber feeling2 got macho and smart bf for awhile ar. HAHA. padehallllll padehalllllll. okay no. Wizzzzzzyyyy is my cousin =] (Another random) VINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I missss youuuuuuu! Omg. I like very sad. Cos Vins went off to Cambodia this morning =( Hhahahaa. take care, yo! And in the train just now, i met qinpei! oh that cool smartass chic. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I miss ICYL =( Jia cong… Selene… Asiyah… Cheryl… ALL OF THEM! sigh. We shd have a reunion. Lols. Aite. Mummy’s starting to naggggggggg. Goodnight everyone =] I’m less angry tonight. hip Hip Hooooooray! PMS is gone, babe! =D

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