I spent the whole day sleeping. And i went to granny’s house in the afternoon. That sums it up. Watching Dirty Dancing 2 now. I cant really concentrate. Cos there’re a million and one thigns running through my mind. I cant wait to go off. Like really. I’m awaiting for the moment. Nevermind tiara. Its just one more week. And you’re off. I cant believe this. I’ve never felt so damn stupid in my life. Like. How gullible could i get? Could i have gotten any stupider? Arghhh. I just dont know what to say.  Thanks. Thanks for making my sound like a complete idiot, telling you how i felt. And then just leave it. And making me stand here, walking back and forth to check my phone for a message. Oh wait. I did msg, like what Wan told me to do. But there wasnt a reply. I shouldve just let go. I am so stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


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