P.S I love you/ Adidas

Okay. PS I love you (the movie) wasnt as good as expected- ’nuff said. Got my new Adidas watch, baby! WOOOOHHHHH. Alhamdulillah =] Its purple. Lols. Ha ha ha ha. I’m a happy kid. Fell asleep on the way home.  But awoke when i was nearing Safra. Downloading some stuff now. And i’ve got a meeting tmr morning at 9. (faints) I’ve got TONS of hmwrk lor. omg. the maths max thingy. whoa whoa whoa whoa. I dont feel like saying much right now cos everything’s kinda not falling into place. well i guess thats the part where it gives life a ‘kick’. you know. how sometimes u eat mee soto with chilli to make it more interesting. Yeah, kinda like that. Heh. And no, I’m not hungry. Hahaha. I just eaten. But i think alot about fooooood. Yummmmmmy. Aite. I’m offfff.  See ya later, suckas!  


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