Tiara Surya Dusqie; Secondary 4E2

I feel like a sec 4 student now. The whole idea of being one of the graduating students has finally sunk in. I learn more and more things each day. And I’d have to apply it right there and then. Its beginning to make me panic a little. I havent been doing well for Geography. Maybe I’m not really good at Human Geog. Dammit. I havent been doing well for chemistry either. And physics, dont even bother asking. 

Sometimes i wonder how i can have all these random thoughts and feelings when i know i should be just shoving all of these nonsense off. I’ve got to shove it off sooner or later cos if not, i wont have time to really concentrate on whats important. honestly, i cant wait to step down. HAHA. and tmr’s band exchange is gonna be sucky with a capital S. seriously. this is what you get when you have an impromptu band exchange with schools which are SO MUCH better than you are. And there is gonna be one school who’s gonna show us their military formations cos they’re gonna take part in the 2008 SYF Military Band Competition. Which means they’d have to march AND make formations WHILE playing songs. And i salute them like, totally. Woah. Tmr’s gonna suck. Might as well prepare a hole for my face to hide the shame. 

My head keeps pounding more often now. Maybe cos of the workload. its scary when you dont get what the tcr is talking about, y’know. And still, after asking, you simply DONT get it. Like woah. I mean, WOAH. hahahaha. Okay I’m speechless. Looking at the screen makes my head hurt even more. Days have been better. there’s something to look forward to each day. Eventhough i cant look and smile, i knw i’m smiling inside. Heee. My tests havent been satisfactory for me and thats like pissing me off. But you know what? I still got a few months more for me to pull my socks up DAMN high. So i better start doing so now. I dont want to regret later man. Seriously. I realised i got no more time to lose. No more time feeling like shit cos everything is like- shit. Like school, tests, topics, homework, people, projects, falling asleep in class…. You name it. Most of the things around me have been shitty. But heck. I’m taking my Os this year. So like just. CHIONG AHHHHHH!

Okaks. See ya around, suckas!


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