Laugh Day

 School was dry, as usual. I was half asleep. The medication I’m taking is fucking strong, i tell you. It like practically works over 10 hours O.o I was still sleepy in school. ESPECIALLY english, where Mdm Noreha was teaching us about consonants and stuff. Then she told us stories about her old friend from NUS…. Which turned out to be damn funny. HAHAHAHA. Funny story+ her expressions= Mdm Noreha’s secret hug pitched laughter =)
And her laughter, WAS CONTAGIOUS! 
Lols. Anyhoooos. I failed My chemistry test. But i got full marks for the ‘sums’ that i asked hamzah to teach me. So its good, but bad also. Rippppppp. I just passed my math test. And i got average for english. and lemme tell you, it aint satisfactory. In my opinion, I havent been doing as well as i should. I’m just like average2 sort. I dont want that, but hey, its just CA1. If i want to prove that I can juggle studies, PSL, the ‘interesting’ people around me and personal issues, then Imma start revising like, right now. for real. If i dont know.
I must ask. Ask teacher. Ask senior. Ask classmates. 
Come on, Tiara. It aint that tough. Just make sure you revise what you learnt for the day, practice, and clear your doubts. BAM- you’re fine.
Yeah. I’m gonna be fine. So fine that i can blow your mind- ok enough. Hahahahha. Failure is the key to success. Doesnt mean you fail, you cant rise from it. Failures make you stronger. Everyone makes mistakes. So like, LEARN FROM THEM, BABY.

Aite. After school, fariha, hafizudin and i went to jeramy’s house to ‘film’ our version of curious incident. And OH MY GOSH. it was so damn fucking hilarious, siao! First hafizudin started laughing. After a few takes, it was okay. then everything was going smoothly. Until……

Hafizudin fell while filming a scene. And it was so abrupt lor! Omgosh. Only fariha, jeramy and i knew how funny it was. After more funny takes, hafizudin had to go home. so fariha jeramy and i edited the videos. And it looked good! lastly, we used the scene where hafizudin fell and made it faster. As we played it…. Fariha’s laughter went chipmunk! and all 3 of us really, seriously rolled on the floor laughing. Like really. we replayed it like a kazillion times and laughed till we cried. Seriously. After that it was getting late, so i went home with fariha. 

I’m supposed to start on the max math 4- after this. you know i think this whole being a sec 4 thing is really starting to sink in. I feel the pressure. More homework, less time to cover syllabus. Like i only have so little time. 7 more mths to O levels. Phew. And thats not long, man. Nevermind. All i can say is.


hahhaahaha. okay. this is random. but i so sayang my parents and my family. and i so sayang my awesome 4e2. and lastly i so sayang myself. and of course i so sayang everyone who sayangs me! heyhey yay yay! hahahaha


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