Naaaaasty snot

Woke up at 8 cos i wanted to get ready early so i wont be late to meet Amalina Mazzly for the performance. But instead of showering straight away after i woke up, i lazed around at the sofa, eventually falling asleep for 15 mins -_-” nevermind. I continued to laze around while watching Daddy get ready for his cycling trip to Ubin. I have to say, Daddy’s bike is like woah. He modified it again, after 10 years. New brakes, new gear. And lemme tell you, will all them modifications, it’s still lighter than my bike. Haha. Sent Daddy off at the door and then i decided to shower. (Like finally. Haha) I roamed around the house with jeans and singlet. Huahuahua. Ate some breakfast then i got ready. Apparently, i made a mistake by wearing double layer WITH tudung. Cos at the CARE FAIR at tamp mall. MY GOODNESS. it was like superduper hot. I think i soaked by 1st layer O.o Met Shadiq, Afiq, Wan, Suha and Farah and we watched. there were other dance performances by other schools too. And there was this group which consisted of little girls. Damn good, and super damn talented i tell you. Fooooh. Then suddenly i met Haikel!  Haikal from esps, abang Yan’s year. My senior lah. And he recognised me Not only that, he asked me to stay and watch his performance. Hahahha. And i battled the heat while waiting for his performance. And you know what? It was DAMN worth it la. Like seriously. He’s like a very very very good dancer. And woah. Okay tiara, get a hold of yourself. Slacked for abit. Then i realised i was the only single one. so i took my leave and went for class. And it was only 1230, mind you.  read a book at mac while waiting for darling iddy. then after that we went to class. class was dry. zzzz. went home, got ready and went to get myself new sneakers. and on the way, i got a new swimsuit. wooh. lovely, lovely day. Alhamdulillah =] cheersssss =)


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