Wouldnt it be nice

I’m back here for the second time today. I just got back from granny’s place. well, about a half hour ago. Tomorrow morning i’m off to support ES malay dance! Wooooh! Hahaha. The i’ll most probably be slacking with Amalina Mazzly and Wan and some other peepos. At 1245, I’m off to ugama where i can meet Idddddyyyyyyyyy. So far, my plans sounds interesting and happy. But We humans can only plan, He decides =]

I’ve only got Chemistry hmwrk. so i guess i’d have to lug my bag with chemistry AND ugama books. And you know how ugama books can be. Its superduper thick. pfffffft. Anyways, i have yet to iron my tudung and i need to get a little of chemistry done. however, i’m feeling sooooooooooooooo sleeeeepy and damnnnnnnn tired. hahaha. (Actually i slept in the afternoon. Okay, i’m officially turning into a pig)
At granny’s place it was kinda mellodramatic. Apparently there seems to be some problems at kampung and nenek’s unhappy about it. heck, when i knew about it i was unhappy too. My grand uncle(nenek’s bro) wants to claim ALL of nenek’s sawah(paddy fields) and put it under his name. Meaning that he wants ALL the paddy fields. Ahhh. It has something that has got to do with tradition AND law. so its kind of complicated. We Minangkabau people have certain rules and traditions that we have to uphold. For more enquiries, please go to wikipedia and type “Minangkabau”

My grand uncle’s being so unreasonable. He doesnt work. All he does is smoke and sleep and eat and smoke some more. His wife does all the work for him. In my opinion i think they prioritise wealth like nobody’s business. Wth, wealth is not gonna go with you in your grave, man. but anyway, this is a job for grown-ups so i have no say. After the big hoo haa at granny’s today, i kinda realised that legal studies aint too bad. especially when you fuse together tradition and the law. its complicated but its damn interesting. like really. So i may consider applying for DPA under law/legal studies- Insya Allah. Okay. I gotta get started on work nw. Nights, peeeeepos.


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