Even the best fall down sometimes

I’ve been sleeping most of my days away. Yesterday the parents and i went to swensens for ice cream. as per usual, i cant finish my dessert. Heeee. Anyway, it was a funny visit cos we made fun of this group of people. They didnt have table manners and came in the restaurant in singlets! LOL. winks to mummy. Hahha. After i got home, i changed to the pajamas and went straight to bed. The nose was still being a bitch. This morning i woke up at 10. HAHA. tell me about it. And we were supposed to have 8 hrs of sleep a day. i had like what? 15? PLUS last afternoon’s nap. Wow. I’m on a roll. xD I went to my room after breakfast. Sat on the chair and looked through my drawer. There were books and LOADS of NOTEbooks. HAHA. I came across this notebook that Nabillah bought me for my bday last year. And when i opened it, It was 13 mths all in one. On every page, there were small little notes saying how much i love and i how i wouldnt want it to end.  There were ‘chatlogs’ by Iddy and myself. And by fariha and myself. And all of the ‘chatlogs’ all had about how blessed i was to have (he who shall not be named) in my life. Sigh. Watched a few episodes of friends on the laptop. And there were parts where Chandler would kiss Monica on her forehead and that made me want it for myself. Like what PM Lee said “Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant.” I’m trying so hard. Maybe Iddy was right. Nevermind I shall meet Iddy tmr. Off to granny’s now. Cheers everyone =)


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