blocked nose/ hidong tersendat

Yes. My nose is being a bitch. Pffffft. I kinda of signalled to Mummy this morning that i didnt feel well enough to go to school. But because today is such a short day, so i just trotted to school with approximately 5 packets of tissue in my bag- EXCLUDING the one in my pocket. Tell me about being Kanchiong. Haha. It did sustain me for the day, okay.  By the time it came to malay i was half dead, blowing out all the snot that’s stuck in my nose. So unglam lor. HAHA. Oh ya. when i woke up this morning, mummy told me daddy stayed at the office for the whole night. WHOA. He must be really busy with his work. Maybe, just maybe, his company got chosen to design and make the carpet for the upcoming IR…. Insya Allah. But he’s never done this before and its kind of weird. Honestly, I hardly get a glimpse of my dad on the weekdays. I only spend time with him on the weekends.  The two friends i talked about ytd are back together =) God knows how happy i am for them. Heeeee. I went home after the last bell rang. Usually i’d go out to school again. But this time i didnt. Mummy told me not to go for band cos i needed to rest. So during recess i went to find Ms Tan and tell her that i wont be coming for band today. That was settled. After lunch i ate my medication and slept till 430. Slacked and now i’m blogging. Searching for a nice layout to replace this one. But if there arent any nice ones then i’ll just stick to this one (: Tomorrow is a saturday. I’m still contemplating whether i should go swimming OR go play badminton. But the thing is, i cant swim cos i’m having flu. So maybe i’ll go running/ badminton instead. Must call Potts and see if she’s interested. Havent been exercising and i feel uncomfortable. Haha. On sunday I’ll be heading down to tampines mall to support ES malay dance! The catch is, its at 0945 hrs. -________-” nevermind. Anything for school support! Woooohooooooo! Maybe I’ll go there in tudung cos after the performance confirm all the peepos want to eat and slack. Then maybe from there i go straight to ugama. Have to plan with mummy first. Speaking of mummy, she wants to eat ice cream at swensens today… But she hasnt called me to say anything yet. Okay. honestly, i dont see a reason why i shd eat all this nice indulging, mouth watering food cos i cant taste it. Cos of my noseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pfffffffft. hahahaha. we’ll see. I’ve got the weekends planned. And i want to go shopping.  JAIRUSSSSSSSS! hahaha. he said if i want to go shopping i shd call him cos he knows where to get the awesome-est stuff. Hahhaa. Dono whether can believe that guy or not. Knowing the person that he is. And honestly, i think he’s  so much of a better friend than the ‘friends’ i haD. Lols. What do you expect? Classmates for 4 damn years in school. HAHA. And to think i used to hate him like kwrihn;woierhwz;oetiwa;9teuW”tojzw. aite I’m offffffff. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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