Why cant i?

To me, Today was sucky. Like really. But it ended with a cheesy note, i guess. Haha.
Well, I’m gonna fail my math test, depite practicing the sums in the txtbook for more than 5 hours.
Hopeless? Well. I hope i pass, at least by one or 2 marks. HOWEVER, i’m praying that Miss Harveen doesnt take the score for THIS test for our CA. Cos if she does, then I’m totally screwed.
Ahhh. Well. Its over. So yeah. Slacked during geog and we went over to TP today. 4E2 went to the IT faculty.
Which was like _________________.
All the other classes finished except US. imagine the suckiness!
It was supposed to end at 4. But it was funny la.

1st funny incident. 
We went to this computer lab thing. And we were taught how to use the Flash thingy, which could create animations.
So Fariha and i took the seats on the 2nd row.
And there was this power plug on the floor which was supposed to be like covered. But it wasnt. 
I fell into this hole, 3 times. maybe four -_-“
The best part was that the hole was just right beside my seat. And i kept falling into it.

2nd funny incident
Next, we went to this other computer lab where they taught cyber security or sth like that.
So we learnt how to hack other people’s computer. And lemme tell you, it was damn funny.
Cos everyone was hacking into everyone’s computer. And like people were controlling each other’s computer via their own computer.
Jun Jie was using his computer when Jian En switched it off from his PC.
Jun Jie got so shocked that he stood up and went “Who did that? Who did that?” And his face got SO red.
4e2-ians would know how he did that. His usual minister face. And walk. 
It was so funny cos he turned so damn red!
K thats one. Another one was when the guys on the first row (Jasper, Benedict, Yusrin, Wallace and Eldred) were trying to hack benedict’s computer. Cos benedict was good at it.
This WALLACE. He was tryin to type and control benedict’s PC. But after like 30 mins, benedict broke it to him that…..
He disconnected Wallace’s keybooard from the CPU 
Omg. it was damn cheesy la ok. Like uber cheesy.
HAHA. and it took so long for wallace to realise. Imagine the nonsensical-ness.

3rd (and last) funny incident
Jia Yin and i missed 518.
We were bummed cos now we’d have to take 15 first, and then switch to 21.
Knowing the frequency of 518, it may take up to half an hour for the next bus.
But we persevered. Since 15 wasnt in sight, we waited.
Suddenly Jia Yin was looking for 518.
I thought it really was coming. But when i looked it wasnt there -_-“
So Jia yin was all “No i was just giving hope. LOL”
Then we started calling out for 518- and people thought buses cant hear us.
So i got excited. HAHA.
We happily boarded the bus, laughing it off cos it was like a cheap thrill. LOL.

well aside/apart from my engaging laughters at TP today, I was feeling rather down for some reasons.
In my eyes, its like everything is falling apart. And I mean, everything. Like the happy people, got sadder.
And the sadder people got even more sadder.
As for me, I’m numb, really. I prefer not to feel so many things in a moment.
I’m not gonna address the issue about ME but all i can say is,
I know whatever i’m feeling is infatuation towards someone. And to another someone, I know that deep down, I still care.
Enough said.

Its sad to see 2 people who still do love and care for each other but they ended their relationship cos of reasons that i’m not aware of.
These 2 people are my good friends and its kind of weird not to see them wait for each other anymore. And the change is so drastic, even though its only the first day.
The girl needs space, the guy is still madly in love with her.
They both are, actually They still do love each other. But before i try helping someone else, i should help myself first.

As i lined up for SFL (to TP) at the foyer, i sat beside someone. Someone i havent been in talking terms for 4 mths.
Looking at him makes me feel awkward. Cos IF it was still there, IF it was still going on, I’d just randomly poke him on the sides of his tummy.
Or mess his hair.
Or pinch his cheeks.
Or pinch his nose.
All of that,
Plus a whisper of “I love you” to top it all off.
That made me kind of ’emo’ for awhile in the bus.
But i knew that things happened for a reason.
I dont know why I still get random thoughts, and flashbacks, when i know i shouldnt be.
I’m aware that I need/have to talk to him. Or at least say hi.
While sitting at the foyer, My heart had the urge to say “Hey stranger (:”
Somehow my mouth couldnt move. It just wouldnt budge.
But i dont know when I’m gonna stay not talking to him.
I shouldnt be blogging about this now that my blog is public.
But i have to, Cos there’s no one else who can listen and take all of my rants as good as a blog. Friends are good too.
But I pity my friends cos they hear me say the same thing all the time.
And i want to spare them of that boredom, and the time wasting. Their lives doesnt just revolve around listening to my problems.
But they’ve got other things to do.

I shall await the new book Mummy’s gonna get me. till then.

‘Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find, you and I collide”
-Collide- Howie Day


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