Ok. I’m like totally jakun about making a new blog. Hahahhaa.  I feel free-er. Cos no need to hide URLs from people anymore. Makes my life a tad bit easier. Will be closing down tsdusqiewoah.multiply.com soon. But I’d like to read everything i wrote in there before i delete it. Anyway. I was looking through my stuff in the room and i came across a whole bunch of neoprints. I was fascinated. I mean like, those were the times where there werent any stupid school politics. Everything was awesome just the way it was. Well, I cant expect anything to stay the same right? things are bound to change. Life’s good just the way it is =) The throat killed me ytd night. Almost. I was like putting up the white flag. It was like kndhrlawiuerhalwierh;aworawerj’AWe. so frustrating lor. It got better after the nap i had. And i thank Allah that there wasnt any practicals today. Or else i cant rest. rippppppp. Hahaha. feeling better though. But expecting the voice to be lost tmr. Crapppp. I was already mumbling lah today -_- Chemistry was ______________. Can pass, but not satisfactory. Maths test coming up. Not very confident. Cos I’m totally lost in probability. Nehmind. Thou shall ask Hamzah tmr! Aite, I’m off. To read the notebook =DDDDD Nights, yo! 


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